Tuesday, October 24, 2006

"Is it moving?"
That is the question my sister and I would keep asking each other ever since those series of earthquakes rocked Central Philippines. Sometimes it feels like I was having a dizzy spell because I swear the floor seems to sway. Since I live on the 12th floor I have become really paranoid from any kind of movement. Even a door banging in the corridors makes me cringe for fear that the whole apartment would start shaking again. As I write this post, I feel some sort of swaying sensation beneath my feet. It is nerve wracking, really. My fertile imagination has developed this (conspiracy) theory that North Korea is to blame for this natural disaster. When they decided to test their nuclear bomb off the coast of Japan or wherever it was, our planet Earth got misaligned. The ripples from that bomb blast sent radioactive waves of electromagnetic energy across the very core of the earth and pulled its axis off the course, permanently.
Ergo, we are now experiencing these scary tremors.

Ortigas environs

So although I love this view of the Ortigas area, a picture I took from the Linden Suites room (the 16th floor) we stayed in during the dark days of super typhoon Milenyo, I would probably freak out every time the earth shook.

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