Saturday, November 25, 2006

A plethora of hues
They (the painters) said 5 days. Phew what a hectic 5 days it was.
4 painters + me and sis all cramped in such a tiny space. Mostly just me during the day while sis gallivanted around town to work. I'm pretty impressed they got the job done within the negotiated time frame.
Never mind that the whole place is a big heap of scattered mess.
Never mind that I am tired beyond exhaustion from moving furniture from one room to the other room, from downstairs to the upper floor. Never mind if I almost fainted from the stifling heat.
What on earth is wrong with this freaking weather? It is already November but you would think we were right in the smack of a balmy summer day. Ugh. I hate it with a passion.
Anyways, everything that needed to be painted was painted.
Fortunately, the paints we bought were odor free so no toxic fumes at all. It would probably take a few more days to get everything sorted out. Arranged back into the messy organized chaos which I seem to strive in. It is a special talent, you know. The technique of organized mess. I may not know what is hidden under a pile of papers but I know where to find the basic essentials, when needed. So there!

Well here are a few pictures I took of the new 'cotton candy' look. Kindly excuse the poor quality, I was using my cellphone and took them while trapped precariously between heavy furniture. I also made sure to snap from an angle where the 'kalat' (the mess) won't be visible. I just wanted to showcase the different hues which I am slowly training my eyes to get used to after living in a place where cream and off white reigned for the past 5 years. I'm loving it!

This is the staircase taken from the corridor facing my room.
Dominant colors are orange sherbet and chocolate brown for the railings.

This is the medicine cabinet in the upper floor bathroom.
Shade is named Sparkling blue.

This is the window situated on the second floor - the one located above the main living room area with its high ceiling.
It is a loft after all so those windows are actually only for aesthetic purposes. We cannot even open them unless we get a high ladder to climb on top. Orange sherbet coated walls is the dominant hue in our place right now.

This is the aircon in my bedroom.
The walls are a soothing light shade of blue named Peace River.

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