Sunday, November 12, 2006

So let's see
I've been running from one mall (Greenbelt) to the other mall (Shangri-la Plaza) reading subtitles to get a sense of different cultures from all these foreign movies. Sadly, there are a lot of empty seats at the Greenbelt Cinema for the CineManila screenings because a movie ticket costs 100 Pesos. While over at the Shang Cineplex, I line up way in advance to watch those European films for free. Some people do not seem to understand the word "Reserved" even when it is pasted boldly on a seat. They would persist so all the usher does is to tell them to vacate the seat. Therefore totally distracting me from reading the subtitles.
It seems the Filipino audience while viewing a foreign movie:
  • like to talk out loud to the screen
  • laugh at imperfections like someone stuttering or someone being overweight
  • gasp collectively at a nude scene
  • use expressions like "hala" and "ayan kasi" to express disbelief
  • are easily shocked during a dark scene and scream

The most fun part for me though is hearing their comments while I'm waiting in line (yes, another line!) to use the restroom after the movie is over. They totally crack me up to no end. But yes I am still in my elements even if I seem to have pulled a pinched nerve in my right leg so I limp around town, this coming week I will still be camping out at the movie theaters. =)

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