Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Undas 2006
I have always been traditionalistic. I have grown accustomed to performing certain rituals and traditions during specific days of the year. For example - Visita Iglesia on Maundy Thursdays (visiting 7 churches during Holy Week), Hearing Mass on Easter Sundays, Christmas Eves and on New Year's Day.
So today being All Saints Day or is it All Souls Day (I get them confused), it is imperative we pay homage to our dearly departed relatives. From the manicured lawns of the Loyola Memorial Park in Sucat, Paranaque with a lunch break at Max's Restaurant for its finger licking good chicken, we crossed over to the quaint and cozy 'apartment' style cemetery in the San Juan area. We ended the day by delving deep into the bowels of the teeming sea of humanity in one of the crowded public cemeteries in Mandaluyong - that was our itinerary today. Fortunately, we don't stay too long in these places, we just lit our candles, deposit our flowers, pray the rosary then hie off to the next stop. No nosy relatives to run into, no camping with tents and umbrellas together with pots and pans of food (something I've never liked - picnics) so it was relatively painless.

Loyola Memorial Park, Paranaque Except of course for the blazing heat, the dehydration and the varicose veins I developed standing for hours but it is a small price to pay for remembering people who have filled our lives with fond memories to last us an entire lifetime. =)

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