Thursday, February 15, 2007

Thursday Thirteen
Oh lookie Snglguy tagged moi with a meme. :D I am supposed to post 13 random things about silly old me.
So here goes:
(1) I am currently reading Mario Puzo's The Family.

(2) I still get pimples at my advanced age. The first time I decided to finally consult a dermatologist after my face broke out like I had been stung by a bee, she thought I was a teenager. Ha!

(3) For Valentine's Day 2004, I sent my now ex BF a box of chocolate covered dates with a mushy card. I ordered them online and had them delivered on V day to his office. He didn't give me anything.

(4) The relationship wasn't really going anywhere and it turned into a long distance affair. I broke up with him a month after V day because his reaction to my gesture of affection fell short of my expectations. Yes I know it was petty but still it was one of the reasons I decided to end it.

(5) I have 86 contact numbers listed on my cellphone. Most of them are restaurants that deliver food because I'm too lazy to cook.

(6) I currently have P78.90 prepaid load and 86 free texts on my cellphone. Obviously I don't have that many people to text on a daily basis.

(7) I once rubbed my left eye because it was itchy and the contact lens got torn. I was at the office (back in the time when I still had a regular 9 - 5 job) so I spent the rest of the day squinting and getting cross eyed.

(8) February 22 marks our 5th year of living in this condo. I instantly fell in love with this place when we were condo hunting for a place in the city. It was good my sister agreed so after making some minor adjustments, we pooled our resources together and paid in full.

(9) I missed the chance to go visit the pyramids in Egypt when I was still residing in Dubai. A couple of my friends invited me to join them one summer but I declined. I wasn't comfortable with their other mutual friend so I dreaded the thought of spending 5 days with her during the trip.

(10) I don't keep in touch with any of my exes. OK let me rephrase that, they are the ones who don't want to keep an open line of communication. Sometimes I wonder how they are and what has become of them. Not that I still care for any of them, for me once it is over it is definitely OVER.

(11) I already have my tentative list of the 12 candidates vying for the Senate in the coming May elections. A mix of administration, united opposition and independent candidates. No, I am not voting for Richard Gomez.

(12) It was my male cousin who urged me to start writing a blog as an outlet for my rants. I just post whatever I feel like writing without worrying if my syntax is correct but I always make sure my words are spelled correctly.

(13) I spend too much time online reading other people's blogs, chatting to random strangers and answering emails when I should be working on my projects and be more productive or else I don't get paid.

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