Friday, August 03, 2007

Highlights of my date with D

Dear Hon,
I guess we have to thank President GMA for declaring today a holiday for high school and college students. You got the day off. Yay! I sensed you were in a sad mood regarding that matter we discussed over the phone last night, so I decided to cheer you up. What better way than to spend the day with me? Teehee! Yes I know, that's lame.
I can count 4 highlights of our date.
Ist - you heard First Friday Mass with me and my parents.
2nd - we chanced upon your cousin and cousin in law at Starbucks while we were strolling along the mall. I almost died of embarrassment when she said "Hey D, I didn't know you got married already, you ha you didn't invite us to your wedding!" after she made beso beso to me! It's good you clarified the real status of our relationship. But aha I found out something about you! When your cousin in law mentioned this grand family reunion two years ago, you blurted you were with a different woman that time. It's fine really. I know all about your past relationships. The key word is "past"!
3rd - we got hounded by that pesky sales person who wanted to sign us up for a new credit card. His in.your.face approach of "You must be a married couple with many expenses" caught me by surprise the second time, today. Does this mean that we already look/act like a married couple? Not sure that is a good thing, really. I want us to still project this girlfriend, boyfriend aura. Oh I don't know, maybe it's just me ... being silly.
The last highlight oh wait hmmm did I say four? This is a PG rated blog so let's leave it at that! Besides just spending the entire day with you is in itself a big highlight for me. =)

Many kisses,

I agree "License to Wed" the movie with Robin Williams was a huge disappointment!

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