Thursday, October 04, 2007

Day 4 - Historic Cebu City (September 27)

We slept like babies in the above pictured luxurious bed in an elegantly furnished suite (Room 3001) at the Shangri-la Mactan Resort in Cebu. We had a hearty breakfast at the lavishly spread buffet in Acqua restaurant. My sister went to interview the people that run that beautiful resort so I hopped over to the business center to check my emails. Yes even when I'm on holiday, I still check my emails besides I had to send D a birthday e-card. Never mind that it cost me P175 for merely 15 minutes online. We feasted on delicious Chinese fare at the Tea of Spring restaurant at the hotel. Lo and behold it was already 2pm and William, the driver of our hired car was waiting to take us on a tour. It was raining heavily but that didn't stop us from enjoying the different sights of Cebu. I'm too lazy and too sick (got a really bad case of intestinal flu) to give a running commentary on the historical significance of these places so if you are curious just google them, ok? Thanks! =)

1. Painting at Mactan Shrine 2. Statue of Lapu Lapu 3. Alegre guitar factory, Cebu City 4. Alegre guitars 5. Santo Nino Basilica, Cebu City 6. Santo Nino adoration chapel, Basilica Minore de Santo Nino 7. Basilica Minore del Santo Nino, Cebu 8. The Cross of Magellan marker 9. The Cross of Magellan 10. Ceiling at the Cross of Magellan shrine 11. Magellan's Cross 12. Fort San Pedro

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