Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Day 5 - Last minute sightseeing and shopping for pasalubongs (September 28)

Our last day in Cebu was pretty laid back. We woke up late and just ordered room service for brunch. By 1 pm, we again hired a car with William the same driver who drove us around the previous day. A funny thing - he told us given our foreign sounding surname, he assumed we were Westerners, so when he first came to pick us up from the Shangri-la Mactan, he approached every Caucasian guests who were seated at the lobby only to find out we were Filipinos. Heh!

First we dropped by the Abaca Resort for another ocular inspection. Then we headed over to the Casa Gorordo in the heart of Cebu City. The ancestral house of the first Filipino bishop of Cebu was to my surprise very well maintained and in good condition. Afterwards, it was time to go buy pasalubongs like Otaps, Hojaldres, Cebu longganisa and chorizos, dried mangoes and my current obsession - dangling earrings (this deserves a separate post).
I forgot to mention that the previous day, my sister bought herself (as her birthday gift) an Alegre guitar. Never mind that she doesn't know how to play but she has been meaning to learn ever since she was still in high school. Now it is just gathering dust in her office and I wonder if and when I will ever hear it being strummed. Heh! By 4:30pm, we checked out of the hotel then dashed off to the airport to catch our 6:05pm flight back to home sweet home.

**Sorry this entry is haphazardly composed, you see Neo my computer finally went to PC heaven ergo I am pretty much in an agitated state, my files are all stored in several USB drives but Thank God I was already able to upload most of my pictures to my Flickr and Multiply accounts! **

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