Saturday, October 27, 2007

The long and winding road that leads to ... a new PC
Each time my PC develops a problem like say it won't start or the operating system won't load, my usual reaction would be to fester, fester and fester some more. I go through a period of being so indecisive, I give myself headaches pondering on the next step. I spend sleeping nights worrying:
( 1) should I just have it fixed?
( 2) where do I have it fixed?
( 3) do I pay cash or by credit card?
( 4) check my dwindling bank account online countless times
( 5) how much do I pay monthly if I use the Pay Lite 0% interest pay scheme?
( 6) do I buy a new one?
( 7) where and which brand?
( 8) how do I dispose of the old one?
( 9) how do I get rid of the broken ones I've accumulated which are gathering dust?
(10) do I buy a desktop or a laptop?

Then after I've obsessed over the above issues, I go through a period where I hog my sister's laptop to research online the different brands available, the specs and features of each unit - ergo further confusing my already cluttered mind. As if I didn't have enough worries to give me pimples, I had film festivals to attend, film reviews to write, dates with D to plan and pictures from my trips to upload aside from the chores I have to deal with on a daily basis.

My next phase would be nonchalance wherein I simply shrug, sigh loudly and wean myself from my obsession by sleeping it off. I would take naps midday for no apparent reason even if I wasn't even sleepy! Until one day, my sister, my parents and even D asks me the procrastinator - the 64 Million (dollars ha not pesos!) question: WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT YOUR PC???


I eventually snap out of my lazy phase then go full gear into my malling phase. The period where I drag my sister to accompany me to all the malls in the metropolis (well almost all, ok?) so I can have a look see on the different options available at my disposal. So we went to SM Megamall, Robinsons Galleria, Shangri-la Plaza, Glorietta even as far as SM North Cybermall and Trinoma wasting precious gasoline. I was deeply disappointed to learn that I only have 2 options desktop wise: Acer and HP. I know, I know there are other brands like those made in China or worst those brand less ones which are assembled in some warehouse. But I refuse to give myself more headaches once they start breaking down on the exact day their warranty expires! Surely you would say well there you go! How hard can it get silly girl you only have to choose among 2 brands. Well, I like to complicate things just for the heck of it. I'm strange that way! For example, I wanted a desktop without an operating system because I refuse to use Windows Vista. My sister has enough troubles dealing with tech support each time her Acer laptop hanged due to this very faulty OEM. Then I wanted freebies like an upgrade to a higher memory, a free printer or a USB drive or all of the above if I'm lucky enough!

You still with me?
Read on, I am going to wrap this entry up shortly, I promise!

So after agonizing for almost 3 weeks and numerous follow up phone calls to my contact in Complink at Trinoma Mall (of all places), I finally bought myself a HP Pavilion Desktop. Slick black CPU, Intel Dual Core E2140 1.6 Ghz, 17 inch LCD monitor, with a memory upgrade to 1 GB and the best part is my operating system is Windows XP.

HP Pavilion g3037

Now comes the hard part - where on earth do I find the funds to pay for my exorbitant credit card bill?!!!

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