Monday, October 22, 2007

Surprise Treat
I was still in dreamland yesterday when my sister woke me up at 11 am and told me to pack up for an overnight stay at my favorite hotel in the metropolis - Linden Suites. I didn't believe her and just chuckled "yeah right, I'm still sleepy go away".
Well it wasn't a joke!
I'm here blogging live (using broadband) from room 1114, a beautiful 2 bedroom suite at the Linden Suites Tower 2.
I'm having coffee typing away on the keyboard of my sister's Acer laptop with a panoramic view of the Ortigas area.
I have Josh Groban (in concert DVD - another birthday gift) serenading me with his rendition of the Don Mclean song "Vincent" or is it "Starry Starry Night?" I'm still half awake so pardon the memory lapse!
I had a refreshing soak at the jacuzzi located on the 9th floor, yesterday.
We ordered room service for dinner last night. We had mussel & clam chowder, pumpkin soup, margherita pizza, poached chicken linguine carbonara, philly cheese steak burger and a plate containing a combination of mini desserts of panna cotta, bread pudding and blueberry cheesecake. Yes we were hungry!
I had a very good night sleep on a pristine clean white bed with just the right kind of pillow covered with a fluffy duvet.
I'm overwhelmed, I'm grateful for having such a generous sister and boy was I surprised with this post birthday treat. But I enjoyed every second of this experience! =) Now excuse me as I take a relaxing bubble bath before we check out at noon.

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