Friday, November 23, 2007

I had to do some banking transactions at Power Plant Mall, yesterday. By the time I was done it was lunch time so I made the rounds of the food establishments. In my mind, I was crossing out the restaurants I passed by: Kenny Rogers, ah not in the mood for some chicken. Banana Leaf - I didn't want my food to be served on a banana leaf. Kaya Restaurant - hmm Korean cuisine dak bolgogi, spicy beef stew but nah maybe next time.

Oh Dulcinea, ok this should do. I haven't eaten there in ages. I usually order their Chicken ala King, this little pastry stuffed with chicken tidbits covered with some creamy sauce. For merienda, I would order their churros dipped into thick hot chocolate. I ended up going for their Lengua Estofado which is served with diced veggies (carrots, peas and beans) and mashed potato (a favorite of mine). NO rice! As much as possible I try to minimize my carbohydrates intake. Before my main course arrived, the waiter served some creamy soup (not sure if it is chicken or mushroom because I'm clueless when it comes to identifying taste) which according to him is part of the order. Ok fine, thanks. My Lengua Estofado arrived 3 minutes later. The 4 pieces of tongue was thinly sliced and quite tender. It was covered with thick mushroom gravy/sauce (this time I could tell because there were sliced button mushroom on top of it, hehe). The meal was quite filling. But I kept thinking, hmm how come the last time I ordered this dish from the Dulcinea branch at Megamall or was it Glorietta, the tongue was served with onions scattered all over the plate. Not that I mind, I have this peculiar habit of taking out the onions from everything I eat from pizza, pancit to kaldereta and bulalo. Then it occurred to me, maybe the Lengua Estofado I ordered wasn't from Dulcinea but some other restaurant. It isn't possible for one branch to cook this dish without onions and another branch to serve it with onions. Either way, my stomach was full. I was glad to return to one of my favorite restaurants in town for some alone time and give my very weary brain some time off from thinking about my wedding preparations!. =)

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