Monday, November 26, 2007

My first bridal fair experience
Saturday, I went to the bridal fair and survived but left with this deep sense of inadequacy or should I say poverty? Every booth had the wealthy, fancy wedding brides to be as their targeted market. Invitations required a minimum of 50 to 100 pieces; couture boutiques offered special price for gowns of the entire entourage with huge banners announcing P40,000 ONLY!; studios had video coverage, prenuptial, wedding and reception coverage at whooping prices; jewelry shops had the most exquisite wedding rings averaging from P22,000 to as high as P59,000; flower shops offered packages for both the church and the reception venue. Holy smokes!

And there I was asking what how much if I just ordered 20 misalettes (take note not invitations!)? Do they have more sedate designs of misalettes because pastel colored dainty flowers and butterflies are a tad too juvenile for my taste. How much for just a bridal gown? (huh? P15,000? but I don't want beads, sequins or a long train!). Do they have simpler wedding bands? How much if it is only the bride who gets her hair and makeup done? How much for just one bouquet to adorn the main altar? Everywhere I asked they implied with only 6 months to go I didn't have enough time to get my gown made! When I signed their log books I saw the others indicated their wedding dates as far as November 2008 and one even listed February 2009! What on earth?!

I texted D who was at work that we should just elope because I don't want to end up in debt spending a fortune for just one day! He just laughed it off and texted me that's what I get for attending a bridal fair. Grrr. A funny observation were the faces of the few guys who decided to tag along with their fiancees. Their ashen pale demeanor visibly revealed their discomfort, they were probably thinking 'bankruptcy alert' each time they saw the prices. He he he

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