Tuesday, November 06, 2007

To get the ball rolling (special thanks to Girlie!), the first site I signed up with is Smorty. Its name sounds like a delightful candy, oh wait ok so that's Smartie! But I digress!

Smorty is a service that links advertisers with bloggers. Advertisers pay bloggers to write their opinions about products, services and websites. It only takes a few minutes to compose an entry with a link back to the advertiser prominently displayed in your post. After all, don't we always have an opinion about something?

Its features include the opportunity to earn more money by writing your opinions in multiple blogs, the choice to select only products that interest you and you get paid to blog, weekly through Paypal. For advertisers it is a chance to increase your search-engine rankings and targeted traffic by blog advertising.

Their brightly designed website is comprehensive and very easy to navigate. Take a few minutes to read all the relevant information and tools at your disposal. Sign up as either an advertiser or a blogger, wait a few days for your blog to be approved then voila, you are all set to get paid for blogging.

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