Saturday, December 15, 2007

Fitting room chronicles
I have basically abandoned my quest for an affordable custom made bridal gown, because well I'm being practical or you can say I'm being cheap. So I've been making the rounds of the malls to find an appropriate evening gown which will satisfy both my mother and my sister. Seriously, all of sudden they have become experts in wedding gowns. Never mind that I specifically told them that I don't like lacy (read: first communion dress), beaded (read: Reyna Elena in a Santacruzan), sequined gowns (read: Miss Universe contestant) with a long train (read: Princess Diana's wedding gown). Frankly I am still sticking to my original plan to just wear jeans and tee. OK I'm just kidding, D might feel out of place in his fancy Barong Tagalog if I showed up in casual wear.

I've tried all sort of gowns (some of them weren't even white just for the heck of it) ranging from a price range of a whooping P29,000 to a mere P2,999.00. I was surprised to find out that (a) I didn't look like a midget in a long gown (b) I was having so much fun trying them on!

But the best part is hearing the snide remarks of the companions of the women who were in the other cubicles at the fitting room. I once heard a male voice say: "Ay ano ba yan labas ang didbdib mo, tanggalin mo yan. Di pwede yan!" The lady retorted: "Ganyan talaga ito, off the shoulder style". On another occasion, a male voice yet again said: "Ganda nyan, easy access". But I nearly peed in my jeans from laughter when D pointed out to me that the dress I tried made me look like a manghuhula (fortune teller) in Quiapo. Moments later when he insisted that a white santana long sleeved Barong would do, I told him he will look like the security guy who patrols the Shangri-la food court. Hah!

By the way, I totally fell in love with this off white chiffon gown which I tried at the Landmark in Trinoma. But they didn't have it in medium size. Blah!

The search continues.

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