Saturday, December 29, 2007

Hair Spa
Yesterday was pamper me day!
It has been months maybe even a year since I last got my hair cut. You see, my usual stylist got transferred to another branch all the way in hilly Tagaytay City of all places. Since then, I didn't muster enough courage to try a new stylist so I've stayed out of the beauty salons. I am very particular about my hair style. It has to be cut in a certain way so that it accentuates my curls and not hide them. Yes I am still as stubborn as ever and always have my' spiel ready in case they get into their long boring speech about the benefits of having straight hair.

My (new) stylist recommended I go for a hair spa when she noticed the dry condition of my scalp, I wholeheartedly agreed! The smell of minty fresh shampoo and conditioner being massaged into my scalp felt utterly orgasmic! Midway during the hair spa treatment, specifically the part where they enveloped my hair with plastic wrap and enclose my head within that round thingy to warm it up, I realized I didn't have enough cash. Ngek! I panicked and texted my sister who was at the supermarket to bail me out in case I got arrested for not paying. I also texted D and told him about my foolish spur of the moment indulgence. He was willing to come all the way from Project 8 to David's Salon in Megamall just to pay for the treatment. Ain't that sweet? Not that I will accept his offer but it is the thought that counts, right? But luckily they accept credit card payments so I didn't get arrested. Phew! My new stylist (bless her!) cut my hair precisely the way I wanted it. I was indeed one very satisfied client for Ms Susie! =)

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