Thursday, December 27, 2007

Memorable Christmas
All of my Christmases so far have been more or less memorable but this year it was more significantly poignant. A bit overwhelming (in a good way) tinged with a certain melancholic ambiance.

After we heard the 10pm Christmas eve Mass at St. Francis, we headed home for the noche buena. Our sumptuous meal consisted of Marca Pina Queso de Bola, Adelina Ham, Milky Way Morcon, Purefoods Chicken Ham (for the parents who cannot eat pork), Hizon's dinner roll and my only and usual contribution to the fare - chicken salad.

We celebrated the fact that it was my 'last' Christmas with my parents and sister as a single person and in this loft, a place I've called home for the past 6 years. Surprisingly, no tears were shed, I just felt a certain calmness and utter contentment in my little heart.

On Christmas Day itself, D joined us for Christmas lunch here at home. He added a yummy mocha cake to the reheated Noche Buena leftovers. We all had so much fun just laughing, eating, being silly, opening gifts, talking, eating some more and just being inundated with my childhood stories which is my parents' way of embarrassing me. Eeeps!

Then D and I heard the 4:30pm Christmas Mass at Edsa Shrine. I thanked the Lord Almighty for giving me the greatest gift - the loving person who always holds my hand and fans me because I sweat like crazy. His smile uplifts my spirits when I get stressed and he tells me he loves me constantly. I love the way he treats my parents and sister with due respect and shows genuine concern for their welfare. The man I will grow old with and spend the rest of my life with in (hopefully) blissful marital harmony - my one and only honey bunchy who is truly a blessing to me! =)

So yes Christmas 2007 was indeed quite memorable! As 2008 sneaks in a few days, I am both happy and excited to begin a new chapter in my colorful life.

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