Thursday, December 20, 2007

Online blogging community is a free blogging network. A blogging community where you can post pictures, upload videos and podcasts, interact with other users, voice out your opinions in the forum section and of course blog to your heart's content. Their main page has a section where you can read interesting news articles covering different topics like news, life, sports, technology, business, politics and oddly enough news.

It has a very user-friendly site. Pictures, videos and podcasts can be organized into different categories. This allows for simple navigation through different photo albums. They have a one stop control panel where you upload everything. No pesky pop ups for each task.

Since July 2007, they have been giving away one free 6 month Netflix membership each month to an existing member that has referred a friend to become an active member of the community. All future winners are announced on the last Friday of the month. has a user rating system so members can rate each others posts and provide feedback in the form of comments. In addition to leaving blog comments, you can also rate each blog post, photos, video or podcast from 1 to 5 stars. This rating system helps determine your average user rating. Each year will be bringing top contributors on free vacation to exotic destinations. This year they flew 5 lucky users to Las Vegas! How grand is that?

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