Monday, December 10, 2007

Tension headaches
There are two things which currently make my head spin like crazy. (a) Making the rounds of bridal gown designer shops and (b) checking property prices. The latter is self explanatory so I won't go into a winding rant about that stressful issue.

I attended that bridal fair last month so I managed to gather brochures of some designers who make wedding gowns for a living. Boy, is that a lucrative business or what? Most of the leaflets announced in big bold letters "Special Price P40,000 for entire wedding entourage". So what does a budget conscious bride to be who simply wants a very 'functional' gown with no veil, no train, no beaded sequins, no lace, no heavy fabric do? Give herself tension headaches! I'm the type of person who likes to compare prices over and over again before I make any worthy purchase. So I said oh what the heck I will go for consultations.

What do I have to lose? Well it seems a lot. For one, my self worth and secondly my pride. In my opinion there is nothing more degrading (well for an already stressful bride to be) than to be subjected to tactless (and dare I say hurtful) statements like "Your budget is too small for a bridal gown"; "How come you are scrimping on your gown when you are getting married in a nice church and your reception will be at a 5 star hotel?"; "I only use bridal duchess fabric for all my bridal gowns so my starting price is P15K"; "Your idea of a bridal gown is cheap, that is merely an evening gown"; "I believe you are too short to pull off what you have in mind for a bridal gown"; "You only get married once so you might as well have a 'bongga' gown to show off"; "How come you don't have bridesmaids and flower girls?"; "Oh I see it is the smaller chapel not the main church, huh?". It goes on and on.

Yes I know it is my fault. I was the one who dragged my ever patient and truly supportive sister to drive me all over town. From San Juan to Kamagong in Makati. Then from A.H. Lacson near UST to some dark street in the Paco area. Getting stuck in traffic, finding no parking area, almost fainting from hunger for what? To feel totally depressed that I cannot afford to spend P18,000 for a gown I will only wear for 1 hour at the most? Geez! Thank God I can bend D's ear over the phone to recount one horror story after the other to the point of getting hoarse. While he simply listens to my ramblings and never once told me the dreaded phrase "I told you so"! So I haven't really lost my mind just yet.

6 months to go before my nuptials, I still don't have a gown. Go figure! I am this close to buying any formal evening gown (or what I call the 'Ninang' collection) off the rack just to stop these tension headaches from ruining my life. It is preventing me from enjoying season we call Christmas.

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