Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The 2nd day of 2008
The moment 2008 set in, my frame of mind immediately shifted to bride mode. Resting on my laurels so I could enjoy the Yuletide season made me too complacent, that I immediately sprang into action to get the ball rolling towards my date with the altar.
I am happy to announce that I now officially have a wedding gown! Happiness =) Let me backtrack a bit. Remember a previous entry where I posted a picture of the gown I wanted? Well I dragged my sister to accompany me to the designer's showroom somewhere in Pasig City so I could have a look see at his designs. I really loved that gown so I had myself measured. I told the designer to add some flimsy sleeves because the Church has a very strict dress code - no spaghetti straps, sleeveless dresses allowed for the female guests and I figure that includes the bride, me! I ordered it made in off white chiffon fabric. All that for only P500 added cost to the actual price of the gown! Great deal, indeed. Phew I can't tell you how totally relieved I was that finally I have something to wear so I won't show up dressed in a white bed sheet!

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