Saturday, January 19, 2008

Retail therapy
Not that I need therapy in the first place or perhaps it is just an excuse to go shopping. Lately in between submitting documents to the Church, canvassing for wedding giveaways and trying to find an affordable supplier of misalettes, I've been shopping as well.

My harvest (so far) include dangling earrings (remind me to take pictures) to add to my collection, a couple of flattering tops and a boot cut Forme jeans that doesn't accentuate my massive derriere. I have also been eating out a lot, specifically pigging out on pizza, pizza and more pizza. Gasp!

On another note, I finally got the courage to have my bushy eyebrows tamed. After my usual upper lip waxing, I asked her to shape my eyebrows. I demanded that my eyebrows still be 'hairy' and not make it pencil thin. Boy, was I in pain!
First she waxed the excess hair, then she shaved it with a blade then she went trigger happy with the tweezers and plucked away like I was some chicken being slaughtered for a meal. Major ouchie! But I didn't shed a tear. Teehee. I am still getting used to my new 'look'. No idea if she did it right. I kept asking my sister if they were aligned properly to the contour of my face. She concurs. So I have stopped pestering her. I have no choice really, I am now missing several eyebrow hairs. He he he

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