Monday, January 07, 2008

It was King Edward VI of England that designated the third finger of the left hand as the ring finger. Then in the year 1549, the Book of Common Prayer designated the left hand as the "marriage" hand, a tradition that is still recognized worldwide.

After making two trips to the Binondo area, doing the rounds of several jewelry shops at Glorietta, Greenhills, Galleria (notice how they all start with the letter G!) - we end up finding our preferred design of 14K white gold wedding bands at a jewelry shop in Megamall. A mall located a few blocks from my residence. We first saw the rings after we heard first Friday mass at the chapel on the 5th floor of the mall. As fate would have it, the shop had the right size of the rings for both my and D's fingers! But we wanted to mull things over and assess the situation first before making the worthy purchase.

Yesterday, while we were at D's place, tinkering with Corel Draw trying to come up with a suitable front cover design for the misalette. D suddenly told me "hey how about we buy those wedding rings, already? It seems like it was custom made for us" I wholeheartedly agreed! Then we started joking around about the names we will have engraved inside the ring. The different goofy and sometimes silly terms of endearment we use to address each other. Despite our supposedly mature age, we still act like giddy teenagers in love.

Anyway, after the 6pm Sunday mass at the Edsa Shrine, we proceeded to the jewelry shop at Megamall. Even though we had to pay P30 for each letter/number for the engraving, the total cost of our wedding bands was still within our (limited) budget!

Yay! We now officially have our wedding bands which will be ready sometime on Thursday.

Happy ... happy ... happy I am! =)

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