Monday, January 28, 2008

Wedding banns
Yesterday, I 'tricked' D into hearing Mass at my local parish. A church I hardly visit because its ventilation system isn't really up to par. In other words, I risk straining my wrist from fanning myself constantly non stop or else I look like a wet monkey. Eh I'm alluding to the fact that I was born in the year of the monkey not that I have actually seen a monkey sweat, mind you!

I say tricked because there was only one reason for my physical presence at that church. Well other than hearing Mass, I wanted to check out our wedding banns. I had no idea where to look for it so I got to the Church early for the noon mass. I went roaming inside to check the bulletin boards. The one near the stairs was just loaded with some religious posters. I proceeded to the right side of the main entrance but there were just some leaflets with the mass schedules. As I was about to cross to the other side, the choir started singing so I took my seat at a pew. D was a bit late given that he was caught in the sudden downpour and it takes him 2 rides to get to my part of town.

After the Mass was over, I told D I wanted to check out the other bulletin board. He was holding my hand as we were negotiating our way through the crowd. Just as we approached, he suddenly pulled me away and nodded in my direction that yes our pictures were posted on the bulletin board. But he didn't want to see it up close.
This got me to wonder: (1) if he was embarrassed about the fact that we were formally announcing our upcoming wedding in public. (2) If he was conscious that people might recognize us from our pictures on the bulletin board. (3) If he was uncomfortable about getting married. Yes I know I overanalyze everything!
Me, I wanted to go and read it for myself because I barely caught a glimpse of it as he pulled me away towards the exit. I just shrugged and didn't insist. Later on when we were cuddling in front of the TV at my place watching some volleyball match, I asked D why he reacted that way in Church.

Guess what he told me?

He isn't photogenic in any of his pictures and he didn't want people to see how ruggedly handsome he really was in person. Ha ha ha Funny, silly guy but I love him to bits! I still intend to go back to my parish and read those banns with or without Mr (Non) Photogenic.

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