Thursday, February 21, 2008

4th Thursday Thirteen edition : Beddy time
Except for a few beds displayed in museums or taken during ocular inspections of hotels/resorts, here are some luxurious beds where I've laid my weary head during my out of town sorties.

(1) Beds of Irene and Imee Marcos at the Malacanang of the North in Ilocos Norte which is now a tourist attraction. (July 2007)

(2) A glimpse into the lifestyle of the rich and famous. A garden suite at the luxurious Amorita Resort in Panglao, Bohol. (September 2007)

(3) Queen size bed at the Westin Plaza (now known as Sofitel Philippines). We checked into that room so we could watch the World Cup finals between France and Italy live!

(4) Bed at Zuzuni Resort in Boracay. My sister and I were among the very first guests to stay there when it newly opened in April 2006.

(5) A steady hammock at the exclusive Eskaya Resort in Panglao, Bohol. (September 2007)

(6) An ancient bed dating back to the Spanish period. Our resting place at Villa Angela in Vigan, Ilocos Sur. (July 2007)

(7) We celebrated mom's birthday in May 2005 at this luxurious Siam suite at The Country Suites, Tagaytay.

(8) Master bedroom at Discovery Suites, Ortigas. 40th wedding anniversary of my parents last February 5, 2008.

(9) Beach beds at Boracay Regency hotel where we stayed in April 2006. Just a stone's throw away from the white sand and the deep blue sea.

(10) 2 queen size beds at the Hey Jude hotel in Boracay where my sister and I relaxed in April 2006.

(11) An ocular inspection of the super luxurious Eskaya Resort in Panglao, Bohol revealed this dreamy bed. (September 2007)

(12) Our super comfy queen size bed at the Mactan Shangri-la Hotel in Cebu last September 2007.

(13) My sister's surprise birthday treat (October 2007) for me was a stay at this 2 bedroom suite at my favorite digs, The Linden Suites.

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