Saturday, February 02, 2008

Discontinued brands
Yesterday while watching "P.S. I Love You" (the Hilary Swank film not the one with Sharon Cuneta) there was this scene which made my head nod in agreement. Lisa Kudrow's character along with 2 other women are stuck on a tiny boat in the middle of nowhere. Her make up kit is accidentally flung out of the boat and she tries desperately to reach it. Then she laments how she hates make up companies because just when you find the perfect shade of nail polish or lipstick, 6 months later they discontinue the label. I found that quite realistic and funny.

I understand her frustration. Through the years I've tried several brands of cosmetics, was totally devoted to them like they were heaven's gift to women then a few years later or worse just a mere months later I discover to my chagrin they no longer manufacture them. In the process, I need to switch to another brand, get used to the fact my new lipstick was a tad too pinkish or too amber for my lips. It is pretty frustrating. I soon developed this complex which made me think I was cursed or something. My theory was that I was the only person in the whole world who was buying that certain shade of burgundy lipstick, that blend of foundation/pressed powder which didn't make me look like a geisha or a certain brand of bloody red nail polish. Therefore the cosmetic company was losing millions of dollars just to cater to the whim of one single individual. Ergo for profit purposes they had to discontinue manufacturing that particular shade because I would only buy them like every 8 months or every other year! Yes I know I got some twisted sense of self worth! Now ladies fess up, I'm sure you have experienced this same dilemma, right?

P.S. I loved the movie!

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