Thursday, March 27, 2008

Silent scream
You might have heard some shrilling sound emanating from the Ortigas area earlier today. At around 1:30 in the afternoon.

Yes that was me!

I was reclining back in a long chair that barely fitted me, a bright light shining down on my face, specifically on my wide open mouth.

That's right I was at the pristine office of a dentist.

A discomfort I felt a few days ago was due to the swelling of my gum, the upper left side of my mouth. Apparently an embedded tiny piece of tooth didn't come out properly and got infected. Big ouch!

I tried to console myself by saying that it is just my chubby cheeks making its reappearance. I figured it would go away. How? I don't know but I don't really like going to the dentist. Well who does, right?

So the dentist who at first looked like a kind, friendly lady turned into this sadistic, mean doctor who poked, pressed her gloved finger firmly into my gum to let the swelling subside by draining it of the pus along with tons of blood.

My head was ready to explode from the pain. I almost fainted from the pressure of her finger on my swollen gum but I didn't lest I ruin my tiny but tough image.

I tried to think of pleasant thoughts. Beautiful rays of the sun caressing my skin while I laid on a white sandy beach. Or feeling the wind in my hair as I sailed on a yacht island hopping along the deep blue waters of the ocean.

Everything ... anything ... simply to keep my firm resolve not to let the tears from falling from my eyes from the pain.


Nothing worked.

I was being tortured by a sadistic dentist.


Quel Horror.

The worst thing is she couldn't even extract the tooth yet because of the swelling so I have to bear the pain for another week while I overdose on antibiotics. I guess I need to endure this dental problem on top of dealing with the loose ends of preparing for the big day as we head into the final stretch.

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