Saturday, April 05, 2008

I just want to say
1. The T0T0 concert was a big disappointment! They sang mostly songs from their new album which nobody has bought nor heard of before! Their old favorites were sang medley style. It seemed like they were merely jamming. I have no idea why. My speculative guesses - the band was tired because they performed in Cebu the previous night. Maybe there were some technical problems or whatever. Who knows?

My only consolation is that I was holding hands with D the entire night in the air conditioned Araneta Coliseum. So it wasn't that bad to sit on my behind for 1 hour and a half listening to I've never heard before songs at full decibel.

2. I was 'tortured' for exactly 2 hours yesterday. At yes you got it right - the dentist! What started as a simple tooth extraction turned into a horrific session as she had difficulty pulling out a small portion of a tooth as the root was deeply embedded inside my gum. Major ouch! Even with doses of anesthesia, I could still feel the different instruments poking into the enamel. At one point, another dentist came to help so there were like 3 sets of hands all poking all those dental instruments inside my widely opened mouth. Then I could also taste the mix of blood, saliva and some fleshy gum accumulating inside - I had to gargle several times trying not to choke in the process. I started sweating. I couldn't help the tears from falling down my left eye (since the extraction was on my left side). It was terrible, really. Very unpleasant!

This time D wasn't around to hold my hand (but let it be said that he did lovingly volunteer to do so). All around me I could hear little kids likewise being tortured by other dentists and the voices of their mothers consoling them with reassurance. I was all alone! OK I know I am 39 years old for Pete's sake but still! Oh well at least that is done with, I don't have to worry about swollen gums and protruding tiny portions of teeth ruining my facial appearance. I only have to let the 'wound' heal so I don't look like I have marbles in my cheeks for my wedding. Phew thank God that is over!

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