Friday, April 25, 2008

My sister
Lately she has been extra caring towards me. Not that she isn't really that way but with my impending flight towards married life, she has been super lambing (nurturing). With everything that has been going on - preparing for the wedding, arranging the new apartment and dealing with all the loose ends that needs to be tied - I have been trying to shut out the emotional aspect that comes with the territory.

You see my sister and I share this really close bond. There are not enough words to express this special relationship I share with her but I will still try to put it down in words. Ever since she was born 3 years later than me, we have been inseparable. Well let's not include the 8 years she lived on her own in Singapore while I was in Dubai. We still communicated everyday through Y!M. But I felt like a vital part of me was missing. She has been through a lot in her life. Some major upheavals in her health, her career and her life which only made her a much stronger person. But beneath her tough exterior lies a very loving, caring and nurturing person who is both reasonable and vulnerable at the same time. She is indeed younger than me but she has always been my 'Ate' in the truest sense of the word. Other than the fact that she towers over my tiny frame and most people would accidentally think she is the older one, she is a very important part of me. I always tell myself if it weren't for my little sister, I would be totally lost. A homeless drifter with no lofty ambitions of my own. So I am eternally grateful she has and always will be really supportive towards me. We have our own little private jokes. We have traveled together extensively. We have talked about our future. We tell each other everything. Basta we are really really close.

So when she hugged me this afternoon and asked me in a joking manner if it was possible for me to still live with her here even if I was already married, I merely laughed it off. Laughing is my way of dealing with emotional matters when they crop up and lately I've been laughing a lot so this proves my highly sentimental and emotional state of mind. So I also told her you know that second bedroom in my new apartment is reserved for you when you come visit me. I will just be in Project 8 not abroad. But deep inside, I knew that this early she is already experiencing separation anxiety. So I felt really sad that I would be "abandoning" my best friend, my confidante, my rock, my anchor, my everything. But life goes on, I know she is happy for me. I am looking forward to sharing new moments of my (soon to be) married life with my one and only sister.

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