Thursday, May 01, 2008

May Day May Day
Ohhhh it's already the 1st day of MAY.
I guess the ticker bar on my desktop says it all.
It clearly says 14 days to go!!!
I am excited, anxious, nervous! Well think of all the emotions ever named, add them all up and that would be me. A lil hyper ball bouncing off the walls.
I know this post doesn't really make much sense. I just wanted a reason to post the fastly ticking bar countdown to my special day.
There are several really funny anecdotes I could share about D's experiences in making the apartment ready for his bride. But I can't really gather my scattered thoughts right now to recount them. Maybe next time!
I am also taking full advantage of the few days I have left to enjoy my Internet connection at my place before I move my things over to my (I keep forgetting to use the plural form!) our new apartment.

Alright I'm out of here!
More incoherent posts to come, I promise! =)

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