Thursday, October 09, 2008

M for Meme
Toni of Wifely Steps tagged me with the letter

Here are 10 things I love which begin with this letter:
1) Movies - you all know by now how much I love to watch movies.

2) Magazines - I used to read the Time Magazine from cover to cover but I hardly have time for it nowadays. I only get to browse magazines when I'm having my hair treatment at the salon.

3) May - is the month I got married and when we celebrate my mother's birthday.

4) Mother - The person who molded me into the woman I am today.

5) Magic Crackers - my fave snack item.

6) Mineral Water - I drink this all the time.

7) Mail - I love receiving snail mail.

8) Mayonnaise - my condiment of choice.

9) Milestones - I love celebrating milestones. It doesn't have to be a grand affair. What's more important is we remember what the day stands for. I will be celebrating my own milestone in 10 days time, I will be turning 40 on October 19. =) For the longest time, my original plan was to visit New York on my 40th birthday. But life does have a way of intervening with our plans, doesn't it?

10) Because I got married! My Marriage well so far so good. It is made extra extra special with the fact that I married a very lovingly nurturing man. New York can wait! hehe

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ms firefly said...

yay, very sweet. i love #9 and 10!