Friday, November 28, 2008

Rude Awakening

It is difficult enough I have to put up with the incessant din of my neighbor's noisy children especially when I am trying to compose an entry or write a film review. It was still tolerable because I could always put my headset on and listen to Josh Groban croon.

Now they decided to give me a free wake up call! At the unholy hour of 5:30 AM,I am suddenly jolted out of my deep slumber to the sound of Mik3 Enriqu3z or Joe T@ruc's booming voices reading the news during their early morning radio show.

But let me explain that (1) I have nothing against AM radio shows. I understand that in the provinces, the transistor radio is still the preferred method to gather information. (2) I am fairly tolerant of other people as long as they don't verbally or physically attack me.

Yet for the life of me, I cannot comprehend how people can be so utterly inconsiderate of other people's peace of mind.
I don't understand why the neighbors need to listen to their transistor radio at full blast right in front of our window.
I don't understand why they need to spill out of their tiny apartment and have loud conversations right in front of our front door.
I don't understand how 9 people can squeeze themselves into a tiny two storey apartment. I would absolutely go ballistic if I had to share such a small space with 8 other individuals.
Alright given that rents are expensive in this part of the city but how about some freaking privacy?

Well anyways my main concern is for D to get enough sleep as he has been really busy lately juggling several things at the same time - his work, additional projects for his work and his graduate studies. But it seems that my concerns however valid were not really an issue with D, he can sleep easily even with the lights on and blaring loud music.

I guess I'm the one who has to continue suffering this rude awakening!


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