Monday, December 15, 2008

The Chalice: another Wedding anecdote

I've been sharing snippets about my married life since I tied the knot last May 15, 2008 to mark the months as they quickly go by.

On our first month it was Father's day.
For our 2nd month, I recounted a somewhat embarrassing yet funny incident.
My entry for the 3rd month was a meme.
We were physically apart for our 4th month.
I was probably all caught up with my 40th birthday that I totally forgot to write an entry to mark our 5th month.
Last month I posted about 6 random things I've discovered so far about our married life.

Well kindly allow me to narrate a certain Eucharistic ritual during our wedding. For the communion ceremony, the priest approached us with the bread and wine which represents the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. I had to feed D the Host and he did the same. Then I was offered to partake of the sacramental wine. I took a sip then gave the chalice to D. He merely took a sip then returned it to Father Uy@m. But the priest told D he had to drink it till the last drop!

Well you see D doesn't drink alcoholic beverages. If he drinks too much or even merely a sip, he turns beet red and develops some rashes on his arms. I believe he is allergic. And even if he wasn't allergic, he just never took a liking for beverages with alcoholic content. Well unfortunately, he was "forced" to finish all of the wine. As he gulped it all down for what seemed like several minutes, I noticed his discomfort. He suddenly turned really red. I started fanning him and saw that he was starting to perspire. Since we were both kneeling with the cord and the veil around our shoulders, he couldn't sit down for a few seconds to sustain himself. So I just kept on fanning him. I even managed to joke that had I known we had to finish the wine, I would have drank the whole chalice. Yet it would have been embarrassing if he handed the cup back to me to gulp it all down, right? Well, thankfully after several minutes, he regained his composure and returned to his normal charming self and the ceremony proceeded without any hitches.

Today we mark the 7th month of our alcohol free marriage! =)

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