Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree

Yesterday my dear hubby surprised me with a few tricks up his sleeves. He came home from work as usual at 3pm (on Mondays). I prepared his late lunch then went up to resume my normal online activities. I could hear him tinkering with something. Eventually I needed to answer the call of nature and that's when I noticed something new on the curtains. There were lights in the shape of grapes adorning it. I was thrilled. I gave him a kiss and went back up. Or rather he told me to go back up. Little did I know he had another surprise. Several hours later it was news time (6:30pm) so I switch off my computer to take my seat in front of the TV.

This is what greeted me downstairs. Our very own "Christmas tree" pasted on the door of our wash area. Cute, isn't it? He shaped the lights into a tree and it even has a star on top. How ingeniously clever and artistic!

This is how it looks like all lighted up at night. Bless him for awakening the Christmas spirit in little Scrooge me! I spent the whole night watching the lights twinkle in the arms of an adorable guy who brings me so much joy. =)

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