Monday, March 02, 2009

Finding your sanctuary

During weekends, I notice some potential tenants dropping by to check out the now vacant apartment. It is located at the end of this 4 door apartment compound where I currently reside. I assume the said place is smaller and probably 'darker' since ours tend to get the full brunt of the afternoon sun and the cool breeze in the early morning hours. Thus I'm not sure just how comfortable it might be to live in. Unless of course the landlady dangles a lower rental price.

I remember it was roughly this time last year when I started badgering D to find a suitable place we could rent for our conjugal home. I was neck deep with last minute wedding preparations with butterflies in my stomach. So I assigned the house hunting task to him never mind that it was the last month for the school year and he was extremely busy with a thousand things. Bakit ba? Hehehe

I also remember telling him our specific budget, our preferred location and the what I like to call 'light bulb' factor. Let me elaborate - there are certain places in all its barren glory that sort of speak to you with this For me, it feels like a bulb lights up my clouded brain and it clears up all the cobwebs which inhabit it. That despite certain minor flaws, every single nook and cranny of the place shouts out for me to adorn it with my beloved possessions (however minimal they can be).

So far I've had this light bulb theory put to the test, twice. First when my sister and I bought our loft/condo unit. We immediately fell in love with the place. We basically scrambled over ourselves to reach the bank to withdraw the down payment. Now even though I don't live there anymore, I still refer to my former residence as home. I sometimes text D from the condo with the phrase 'nasa bahay na ako' then he will text back and asks me which house. He always assumes by 'bahay' I mean our current apartment here in Project 8, Q.C.

Speaking of Project 8, the light bulb scenario struck as well, the first time I set foot in this 2 story apartment. It was still being repaired and repainted but I immediately felt so comfortable within its premises. Sure it is small enough for me to know where everything is nicely stored in. Plus we keep our furnishings to the basic essentials but it is our little sanctuary.

So as my sister embarks on her new journey, a new chapter in her productive career in Singapore, a place she called home for 8 years, I am consoled with the fact that she is fully familiar with this 'light bulb' theory of mine. I pray that soon enough she will find her own little sanctuary in the Lion City. Her own little comfort zone in a foreign land physically away from her family. A place which will grant her the cozy feeling of homeliness. A destination which is just 3 hours away and which hopefully I can escape to at the drop of a hat away from my own little love nest! Yes under the guise of missing my sister I've just revealed my true intention - an excuse to travel!

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