Sunday, March 08, 2009

Here comes the Sun

"Here comes the sun ... here comes the sun ... and I say it's all right."

Well it's really not all right, at all!

Because unlike that Beatles song where they sing about the advent of summer after a long cold lonely winter, I don't relish the summer season at all.

I could still afford to smile in the picture even though the sun was shining because it was taken in Tagaytay in December and it was still cooler.

The hot scorching sun. The tanned skin. The dehydration. And most of all the dreary feeling of constantly being enveloped in sweat 24/7 are the reasons why I don't like summer.

So I stay indoors most of the time (not that I really go out much in the first place). Specifically downstairs from noon till about sunset because the upstairs part (the bedroom and the 'computer' room) gets full sun exposure. Reading on my PC monitor is made difficult by the blinding sun, not to mention the sauna like atmosphere even with the industrial fan at full blast. We might need to rearrange the furniture in that room but I doubt it since space is pretty limited.

But I "try" to keep a positive attitude and take consolation in the fact that summer also means that D will also be at home because the school year is over. That way we can both fester and sweat together. Oh wait, he rarely sweats (lucky genes!) so that simply leaves me with the 'wet' look.

Not fair!

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