Wednesday, March 18, 2009

I'm back

Well back home (Project 8) and back to the blogosphere! I spent a precious week with my sister before she relocated to Singapore last March 16, Monday.

Things were pretty hectic before she left. We were overwhelmed with last minute shopping, trying to pack most of her belongings into 3 suitcases (an impossible feat but we did it!) and doing errands like canceling utilities (fax lines, Internet subscriptions, magazine subscriptions etc). Then we stayed up late into the night just talking about her plans, her never ending 'bilins' about taking care of our parents and silly yet meaningful inanities.

A special mention goes to my dear husband who was truly supportive of the fact that I needed that quality time to be with my sister. I was assured that he can survive on his own since he is very self reliant but still I'm glad that he didn't object to it. Not that he really had a choice but you get my drift! Hehehe

It was pretty much chaotic that I didn't absorb the fact that she was really leaving until I hugged her goodbye at the Centennial airport. It was only when my parents and I went back to the condo did we feel a huge empty void. We also realized how much she contributed so much of herself to making sure we lived comfortably. She was a good provider in every aspect of the word. Although we miss her terribly, we are consoled with the knowledge that it is time she pursued her own goals, her aspirations and her dreams. After all she is merely a text message, a phone call, an email and a Cebu Pacific zero promo fare away!

I end with this inspirational message I saw on the door of the toilet at the airport. Yes I know! Nothing like being enlightened while answering the call of nature! Huh?

Olives are crushed to make the best oils.
Grapes are squeezed to make the most fine wines.
Roses are pressed to make the most grand perfumes.
Have you been crushed, squeezed and pressed
by life's trials and difficulties?
Be glad!
God is bringing out the best in you!

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