Saturday, April 11, 2009

The bedroom

The most important room in our home (aside from the 'computer room') is the main bedroom. I try to keep it simple with only the basic essentials to give it a neat, clean look. Basically, I adhere to the minimalist approach in house decoration. My taste veers towards rustic furniture. Strong wood furnishings give out a feeling of being one with nature.

Scenic furniture guarantees good craftsmanship and their items are made from strong wood like oak, cedar and hickory. My favorite item in their collection is their 3 drawer red oak hickory barn wood dresser. Its robust exterior exudes a vintage vibe. I like how its crimson hue ejects some lively color to an otherwise dull bedroom. After all, you have to admit it - vibrant furnishings certainly spice up the most preferred room in the house.

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