Friday, May 01, 2009

No longer a secret

You mention S-A-L-E and I would be the first (and probably only) person to stay clear of any establishments which offer items at discounted prices. I don't like being in crowded places. You cannot even try the items on display since there are no fitting rooms. Then there is the whole feeling of being too overwhelmed at the different choices available, I can't make up my mind easily. Well you get my point, I simply don't have the patience to deal with sale season.

But twice I found myself at the mall with the four letter word pasted on every shop. I was petrified. Once when I had to buy a birthday gift for my (wedding) Ninang who celebrated a milestone, yesterday. And today when I trooped to Megamall for my traditional First Friday Mass sojourn. A special bonding time for me and D (when he is off work) to meet up with my parents.

After mass, we decided to try a new restaurant for lunch. Well by new, I mean new for us since I wanted a break from the usual suspects of eating establishments we patronize. We ended up at Secret Recipe.

A well lighted restaurant which serves limited Western and Asian dishes at reasonable prices. I had its creamy carbonara pasta. I opted for penne instead of rigatoni pasta. It was delicious. It had pieces of unshelled shrimps and mushrooms blended with creamy pasta sauce. Mom went for the chicken Cordon Blue which is served with salad and twisty french fries. Dad and D well they eat whatever we order for them. Hehehe. They had the Chicken Mushroom with salad and rice included in the dish. The food was tasty, well presented and filled our hungry appetite to the brim. Next time (yes there will be a next time) I intend to taste its wide array of desserts like cakes, pies and its refreshing beverages. My only 'complaint' though is the long waiting time for the meals to be served. I hope they improve on their service. Nonetheless, I give this restaurant the thumbs up for its limited yet delectable selection of food.

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