Monday, June 15, 2009

Back to School

Along with the millions of college/university students trooping back to school today to hopefully enrich their idle minds with knowledge are the teachers/faculty members. This naturally includes D, my hubby. The extra week vacation due to the postponement of the official opening of classes due to the A(H1N1) scare and the torrential rains was a welcomed surprise. It gave us more bonding moments especially during those chilly bed weather days.

So after almost 3 months of spending it being spoiled rotten by my dearest homebody hubby, I am now home alone yet again.

To try to drone out boredom by being online most of the time.

To think of meals to prepare so I don't end up starving.

To have more time to catch up on the novels I've stopped reading midway.

To turn to the DVD Player for amusement as the pile of films I've yet to watch is gathering dust on the shelf.

For more alone time to quietly reflect on our future.

Now if only our noisy neighbors would stop being such a pesky nuisance, I might just enjoy this home alone time without missing my hubby too much!

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