Thursday, July 30, 2009

Fitting Room Woes

I got my credit card bill today. I was shocked. Even though I truly expected it to be a large amount. The bad part is knowing that my next credit card bill amount will be a lot more. Yikes. I guess it helps that half of the charges will be shouldered by my sister. After all, she was the one who went on a shopping spree galore. A mighty tiring expedition of huge proportions. You would think the malls were closing shop, permanently. :D

This brings me to recount my stint as her personal shopper assistant. You know the person who runs (ok so I didn't really run) in and out of the fitting room to get her the correct size of pants, jeans, tops or whatever apparel she was trying on. It is exhausting to say the least. She would assemble a basket full of clothes then try them all on. We made sure we entered a different fitting room each time so we don't earn the wrath of the other customers who waited in line. It helps that we would shop in the afternoons when it wasn't too crowded.

On very few occasions, I would see something I fancy and try them on as well. A rather frustrating feat for me since I've gained weight. Size medium doesn't fit me anymore. The struggle to fit myself into clothes which just a year ago would bring out my curves was pretty pathetic. So after several huffing and puffing sessions of struggling with buttons and zippers, I gave up the nasty task of finding a suitable pair of jeans.

But I did manage to harvest some tops which fortunately hid my bulging waistline. And for someone who hated the color 'green' for the longest time (it reminded me so much of my ugly High School uniform), I find myself veering towards green tops. Strange, ha!

The brown abstract print dress is a welcome addition to my collection of short dresses. While this sleeveless ruffled blue top goes well with my new blue bag which I mentioned in a previous post. =)

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