Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Good food, freebies and everything else in between!

That basically summarizes how I spent the day I turned 41 years young. :D While waiting for a taxi, P (one of D's kabarkada) passed by in his CRV so we managed to hitch a free ride all the way to Greenbelt. Luckily that was P's destination as well. After hearing the 12:15pm Mass at the chapel we munched on pasta, salad and pannacota (I've been craving for this dessert for the longest time) at Italiannis!

Then we watched "My Life in Ruins" free of charge thanks to the Citibank reel promo. Every time you charge your Citibank credit card for P1,500 and above, you can redeem one free movie ticket. The promo was extended till Jan. 2010. So voila I was able to snag 2 movie tickets for free. The romantic comedy with Nia Vardalos was fun to watch and it made me want to return to Greece and re-explore its historical sights with D by my side!

Then we had snack at Via Mare where we feasted on our usual fare - the bibingka with red egg and palitaw ... yummy!

So despite the nasty cough, I was (and still am) giddy with delight at the number of friends who remembered my special day which I spent with my beloved parents and my loving hubby. I am humbled and truly grateful for the numerous blessings that continue to come my way. Many thanks! =)

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