Monday, January 18, 2010

The sound of silence

For 5 days (since Wednesday), a silent lull permeated over our home. Main culprit was our broken TV. After a few disturbances over the past months, our Panasonic TV decided to finally conk out for whatever reason!

It is really interesting how an electronic gadget can have such a significant impact in our households. But life went on. I was amazed that I wasn't really pressing D to go out and buy a brand new TV. We thought it was wiser to wait for the weekend to canvass and then decide which TV set best suited our budget, our lifestyle and our viewing habits.

Never mind that I missed some of my fave tv shows or I wasn't able to watch news programs. Never mind that we ate our meals without any background noise. Never mind that we slept earlier than usual. Because for me, the mere fact that we had really interesting conversations on various topics is priceless!

But hey 5 days is long enough, alright?

I'm glad that our 21' Slim TV with Eco Mode for saving energy was delivered this afternoon. Just in time for me to watch the Golden Globe Awards show, tonight!

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