Friday, February 19, 2010


Once again Lent is upon us. It is the time to be reflective and make sacrifices in the hopes of becoming a better person, spiritually. Usually when we eat out I order either Coke Light or Sprite so I've decided to give up soda drinks for Lent, this year.

It is also the time to abstain from eating meat during Fridays. I often find that sticking to this tradition which I've grown accustomed to since my childhood can be quite a challenge. More so when we dine out. It is imperative we find a restaurant which serves only fish or seafood dishes.

So for our dinner tonight, I've decided to cook my tried and tested fish recipe => Tilapia with Gata. I use the powdered coconut milk variety which I mix with half a cup of water. Then I slice onions, garlic and ginger and place them all in a pot. I pour the coconut milk, let it boil for a few minutes then add the Tilapia, season to taste and you're done. Sometimes I also add slices of eggplant to the recipe so we can have some veggies in our diet regimen. Voila a simple yet delicious fish recipe! =)

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