Thursday, February 18, 2010


I remember returning to our beloved country for good in 2001 with no sense of purpose. I didn't know for sure what I really wanted to do. Until I was influenced by someone to try and hone my skills. So that's when I decided to enroll in a short term diploma course that involved computer appreciation, basic html knowledge and programming. It was a tough 6 months for me because I had to re-adjust to the classroom environment. Thankfully it was a rather small group and my classmates were helpful even though they were like half my age. Heh!

For our final 'thesis' we had to create an interactive website from scratch with e-commerce features. So I had to find a dedicated web hosting program which suited my project. It was really difficult struggling with the programming codes, the html icons but by sheer determination marred with sleepless nights and hair pulling incidences I passed my test. To this day, I still am quite proud of myself for choosing that path towards arming myself with more skills to improve my status. Never mind that the guy who 'inspired' me has long been erased from my contact list, my Facebook account and my life in general. :D

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