Friday, May 28, 2010

Picture perfect Friday

Happiness is watching DvDs

Ever since we installed our new TV in our bedroom, watching movies has been quite comfy. I can simply lie in bed and watch Dvds. Plus the din from our pesky neighbors is somewhat minimized upstairs so I can really concentrate on the film. :D

But I discovered that I need to be in a specific mood to watch. Otherwise I am not able to absorb the plot with a critical point of view. Since I have a (frustrated) movie critic gene in my blood, I find myself trying to focus more on the technical aspect of film making then merely seeing if the boy gets the girl or in the case of horror films who gets killed or chopped up first. Heh.

But the best part of watching Dvds is that you can simply rewind certain scenes to get a more comprehensive perspective. Either that or it's because I fell asleep while watching. Hehe

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