Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dad's day

I was already seated in the taxi when I realized that I forgot the digicam at home. How perfectly forgetful of me. It just shows I'm not one of those people who take pictures of everything. Well, no offense meant but sometimes I think people tend to focus more on documenting the event instead of simply enjoying the occasion.

Anyhoo, D and I treated my dad to lunch at where else but Teriyaki Boy. We feasted on Miso Soup, Yaki Soba, California Roll, Creme Dori Tempura and Chicken Teriyaki. Ok just imagine in your fertile minds how that looks since obviously I don't have pictures of the mouth watering dishes. But rest assured, it was yummy as usual!

I've always been close to my dad. In fact, Mom calls me dad's little defender. Being surrounded by 2 strong willed daughters and a caring yet sometimes stubborn wife, I guess he has had some moments where he felt he was 'overpowered' but nevertheless he has always made his family, his topmost priority. And for that thankless responsibility, I honor and adore my father so much. Besides he keeps thanking me for blessing him with a son in law who is now his big defender. Hehehe :D

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