Thursday, June 03, 2010

Embarrassing Situations

In my quest to conceive there have been a number of situations where I would cringe with embarrassment.

(1) wearing hideous hospital gowns. You know the ones where your behind is exposed for the whole hospital staff to see. It is imperative that I go for a transvaginal ultrasound, every month. Sometimes 3 times a month. So although I welcome the fact that these tests will improve my chances, I don't relish putting those 'gowns'. For the life of me, I don't understand why someone hasn't invented a more presentable and decent hospital gown. The kind which will save us from cringing moments.

(2) buying pregnancy test kits. I tend to be quite paranoid nowadays. The moment I miss my period by a few days, I reach for those pregnancy test for confirmation. Back in my single days, I would really dread buying these kits. But you know what? Wearing a wedding ring doesn't ease the embarrassment, either. So what I do is to buy my vitamins along with the testing kits so it won't be too obvious. hehe

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