Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm back in the Projeks

Some random thoughts on the week that flew by!
1. I had a fabulous time with my sister.

2. I realize I develop a different persona when I'm with her.

3. The totally carefree/whatever type.

4. This equates to eating whatever I want without minding my diet.

5. Wearing tight tops/short dresses without hubby disapproving.

6. Just being my silly and naughty self.

7. Laughing at our very own private jokes.

8. I have to add I'm not disparaging my hubby for being a tad conservative.

9. He managed quite well without me.

10. I came back to a spic and span, well scrubbed and dust free house.

11. He had my PC fixed by our ever reliable technician.

12. All the wires/cables are neatly tucked in its proper places.

13. After 9 years of living in the Philippines inclusive of 2 years of marriage, I
am now blessed with a really fast connection.

14. Thank God for DSL.

15. And bless the hubby for finally agreeing to subscribe!

16. Tinkering with my newly formatted PC is tedious but quite rewarding.

17. I am still updating several software.

18. Trying to recall most if not all of my bookmarked websites.

19. There are emails to answer.

20. Reviews to compose.

21. Pictures to upload.

22. But now I need to take a break.

23. Time to exercise.

24. Sweat out all the calories I consumed.

25. Final note: I really really miss having my sister around!

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