Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Flash Floods

The thing with living in this neck of the woods is that it rains frequently. It feels like we live in a rainforest. The downpour usually occurs in the afternoons and early evenings. It is usually preceded by really loud thunder and ear piercing lightning flashes. They scare me terribly. I switch off all the appliances in our house and unplug them from the electrical outlets.

Surely, I have nothing against precipitation. It cools the atmosphere and the temperatures, just a tad bit. What I dread though is the inundated street. It seems that our street is the catch basin of the entire village. Luckily our house is on an elevated area and we have a second floor. At the height of Ondoy when it rained for 6 hours non stop, the water level rose to an alarming height, it entered our house at ankle level.

But lately though, I noticed that a heavy downpour of merely 20 minutes already floods the entire street. It is alarming how the drainage system can no longer accommodate such a heavy volume of rain. Because every time it rains I go into panic mode. What if the water rises up to our second floor? How will I have the strength to carry the pieces of furniture and the ref up the stairs? How will D get home?

Scary thoughts, really!

Oops time to log off, darkening skies abound!

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