Monday, August 23, 2010

Night Caller

I was slowly dozing off while watching TV last night when the phone rang. It was around 11:30pm but I thought it might be an emergency so I answered the call.

Guy: Hello pwd po kay Mike?
Me: Walang Mike dito, wrong number.
Guy: Sorry ha sa Sta Mesa ba ito?
Me: Hindi Q.C.
Guy: Pwede ba magkwentuhan muna tayo?
Me: Hindi pwede
Guy: Ok lang, pwede ba next time pag hindi kayo busy?
Me: Hindi rin pwede
Guy: mumbles something
I hanged up and was laughing so much.

You have to know that this call was very brief and it happened so fast. I hanged up because by that time, D was standing in front of me after leaving his computer and was wondering whom I was talking to.

I told him.

He was pretty serious when he said: "Sana binigay mo sa kin, ako makikipagkwentuhan sa kanya" I don't know which was funnier the call or D's reaction to the nuisance call. I told him to relax I could handle it!

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