Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I'm back!

So this year I managed to catch 4 films at the recently concluded Cine Europa at the Shang Cineplex and I have these 3 keychains to prove it! I watched films from Switzerland, Bulgaria, France and the Czech Republic. In between the European films, I saw George Clooney as "The American".

The thing with these film festivals which are screened for free are the very long queue of people lining up for tickets. So we (my parents and I, D was busy with work and intrams) would only get to see merely one film per day. Because by the time we get out of the theater, the line for the next screening has already formed and I didn't want to stand up for hours again. I was really worried for my parents who patiently lined up since they are already in their 70s but it turns out they were game and I was the one who got really tired and aching feet from standing for hours on end. Heh!

To occupy my mind while waiting in queue, I bought a book and managed to while away the time engrossed in the life of Elizabeth Gilbert. Her "Eat, Pray, Love" novel is so much fun to read. It is described as one woman's search for everything across the 3 *I* - Italy, India and Indonesia. True enough I've been lucky to have visited all these 3 places so I could more or less identify with her journey except for the yoga part. I'm still in the India phase of the book. I desperately want to finish reading it before the movie opens here on October 6, 2010!

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